Friday, August 3, 2018

Lately including 4th of July...

I cannot believe it is already August! The summer went way too fast and now we are in the countdown to school starting in a few weeks. We still have some things planned in these last weeks of summer but already summer 2018 has been wonderful. Norah had her 11 yr old appointment and she measured 5'3.5" tall already. I love that she will be a tall girl...I think she will be taller than me in a year or so easy! Well since I haven't updated the blog in a awhile...gotta back up to July.

Jeff and I had a quick date night one night at a local place call Frank's Outback. If you are ever in Pawleys have to stop in and eat. Always so good!

4th of July we went to Debordieu with friends to watch/participate in the annual parade. Norah loves this parade as she loves getting involved in the water fight action.

4th of July was on a Wednesday this year so Jeff went to work the next I took Norah to Georgetown that night to see the fireworks.

I took Norah and her friends Maren to lunch and a movie one day. Ant Man and the Wasp was great! I seriously love all Marvel movies!

Of course some beach time is a given.

I got to go to Charlotte for a couple days with no kid and had the best time! I got to catch up with friends and get some shopping done in actual store and not just online. ;) Already thinking of when I will get to go back!

I had to take this pic of Norah and you can see Finn in the blanket...he loves Norah!

Norah has done a little work in her summer workbook this summer...not as much as she probably should but a little is at least something.

Norah and her friend riding bikes. I have to give Norah complete credit for all her active ways this summer. She is still playing tennis and on her own has started running at night and even sometimes doing a quick 7 minute exercise video. I really am so proud of her about staying healthy!

For the last week and a half it has rained so much...and it is quite annoying. We are used to afternoon pop up showers at the beach daily but the "rain all day" stuff really hampers what activities you can do around here. So movie day with friends one of the rainy days!!

Ellie was the first friend Norah made when we moved to Pawleys Island. Norah was 5 and Ellie was 6...Now Norah is 11 and Ellie is 12. I love watching them grow up and I think they will always be close.

Norah and I went to Mt. Pleasant one day and had lunch and ran some errands to escape the rain. Always fun when I am hanging with Norah.

I realized that I forget to get pics of our dogs which are definitely part of our family. Finn and Darcy!

We finally got a break in rain one day and I went with Norah on one of her runs...I was such a pretty day and the temp was perfect.

One of our favorite parts of the summer is when our friend Christie and her two girls, Harper and Perry, come to visit. Christie and I have known each other since the girls were born. Norah and Harper are a few months apart. We miss them so much since we have moved. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate while they were here and we had lots of rain. We made the best of anytime we had an opening of no rain...hitting the beach, pool, and lunch out!

We celebrated my mom's birthday this year with a dinner out at Frank's. It was a fun night.

We had a rare family movie date!! It was raining (shocking...) and the three of us went to see the new Mission Impossible which of course was great! I love those movie...spy stuff and action...yes!!

Another pool day with a friend!!

Today is another rain day at least for half of the day so Norah and I are figuring out what we will do!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Books 23 - 31 of 2018

#23..."Caraval"...This is classified as a young adult and it got great reviews so I picked it for Norah and I to each read for the summer. I really didn't like it. It definitely felt childish but honestly just wasn't that interesting to me. Norah said she thought it was ok but didn't want me to get the second book in the series for her.

#24..."The Ensemble" was so good! I actually really loved this book. First, the cover is perfection. Second, I have no musical talent but still found this book so interesting to see in these musician's life and how they connect within this group over the years. Third, it is one of my favorites for the year so far.

#25..."Force of Nature" I was excited to read Jane Harper's new book as I had read "The Dry" and really enjoyed it. I liked this book but it wasn't as good as "The Dry" to me.

#26..."How to Walk Away" was a book I saw everywhere. I actually ended up buying it because I couldn't get it from the library. There is something about the writing that just sucks you in from the very beginning. The characters seem so real and you want to know what happens. It ends with a perfect tied up ending and definitely high on the chick lit scale...but it is so fun to read. This is one that I would recommend to anyone and is one of my favorites of the year.

#27..."Monsoon Mansion" is a non-fiction memoir and it was interesting but just ok for me. I  think I got it free on Kindle.

#28..."Everything Here is Beautiful" follows two sisters throughout their lives. One sister has a mental illness and it describes how it affects her life, relationships, the other sister, etc. Something about this book I loved. It felt really real and honest and I really appreciated this one. It is one of my favorites for the year and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a complicated family story.

#29..."Happiness for Beginners" I picked this up after reading "How to Walk Away" as I wanted to read something else by the author. I liked this one too but not as much as "How to Walk Away." I do think there is a pattern to her stories of a physical ailment and how it affects your life which is interesting to me. And just in general characters searching for the meaning of their lives kinda thing.

#30..."Next Year in Havana" I was so excited to get this but personally found it disappointing. I liked the information on Cuba but the book fell flat to me. I actually can see this done as a film...and it would be better than the book.

#31..."Unwritten"...I feel like a read at least one Charles Martin book a year. I really enjoy his writing and attention to detail but the story line of this one was a little far fetched to me and was just ok. I still loved his "Water from the Heart" the best!

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